Window Treatments to Maximize Natural Light

Do you love the style and elegance window treatments offer, but hate how much natural light they block from your home?  Wintertime can be gray, gloomy, and depressing. Dark window treatments can add to the feelings of doom. Here are some great ideas for utilizing window treatments that allow style and natural light to coincide seamlessly!

Pops of Sunshine

Many kitchens are utilizing a stylish and popular all white aesthetic.  This is great for bringing more light to your home, but a dark window shades can still make your space feel dingy during the blustery days of winter.  Consider incorporating a beautiful Roman shade with light, bright colors and patterns. A great choice is light yellows and grays. This combo will be sure to keep your kitchen light and airy whether the shades are up or drawn.

Enjoy Natural Light Without Sacrificing Privacy

You may assume large, open windows will require a sacrifice in privacy, think again!  Add a sheer floor to ceiling curtain to allow natural light to infiltrate your space while still offering privacy.  For added privacy, consider utilizing a beige curtain that can be drawn on necessary occasions.

Dark Not Dingy

For rooms that favor a dark aesthetic, gray can be your friend.  Not only will it tie all décor together, it can be used in a sheer window treatment to allow in natural light.  Bonus points for added pops of color with throw pillows, blankets, and other small décor items.

Sheer Doesn’t Mean Color Free

For neutral colored spaces, make color work for you!  Brighten any room with a sheer window treatment in a bright, fun color.  This functions to brighten and lighten as natural light and color collide!  Match other accents to your curtains to make a seamless décor scheme throughout the entire room.

Don’t Forego Patterns

If you have a space full of neutral furniture and paint, another great idea is to use patterns.  This allows you to have unlimited creativity. Get funky using different colors, patterns, or even seasonal items that can be changed out as frequently as your heart desires.  Make your window treatments fun, and unique. This can make your room feel brighter and more fun, combating those winter blues!

Layered Wonders

If you are looking for practicality and light to intersect, consider layering your window treatments.  You may enjoy black out curtains to help you sleep better but hate how dark it makes your space feel during other times of the day.  Consider layering sheer shades with black out shades to have the best of both worlds!