The Pros and Cons of Adding a Retractable Awning to Your Deck or Patio

As summer approaches, it is time to begin thinking about spending time outside.  Barbeques, campfires, days by the pool, and evenings spent on the front porch or patio are favorite pastimes of many.  As the temperatures increase to sweltering, and the sun beats down, some of us are deterred from enjoying the outdoors.  Summertime can be both the worst and the best.

Consider the Pros of Adding an Awning

If you are considering a retractable awning for your porch, deck, or patio, it can greatly increase your desire for the outdoors and time spent outside.  Awnings an provide shade, protection from harmful UV rays, and lower the temperature.  While, purchasing a retractable awning for your home can be quite an investment, they can end up paying for themselves as the extra shading can help keep the interior of your house cooler.  This can subsequently lower your electric bill as your AC will run less.

Retractable awnings can also be a great asset in protecting both your skin and your furnishings.  Many of us have beautiful patio furniture sets, but when left out in the harsh beating sun day after day, the fabric may fade, and the wood or plastic dry out and crack.

Retractable awnings are also a superior investment as they tend to last much longer than traditional fixed awnings.  They can be retracted to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

Consider the Cons of Adding an Awning

You must consider the steep cost of installing a retractable awning.  Will it provide you with enough benefits to warrant the cost?  This question will be different for each person and must be truthfully considered before taking the plunge.

Retractable awnings are very innovative and now come in both manual and motorized versions.  While they can both have a great life span, motorized awnings make this a step easier as they automatically adjust to changing weather conditions.  Manual awnings can also be retracted but are at the mercy of you.  Be aware that you may eventually need to invest in maintenance to insure your sensors continue to function property.

Much like your lawn or patio furniture, a retractable awning will require that you clean and maintain it periodically.  You will need to ensure you are cleaning the dust, grime, and debris from your awning each season to be sure you do not develop mold growth, or an unsightly look for your property.  Additionally, you will need to be sure the moving parts of the awning are maintained and clean as to ensure they can function at top capacity.

Make A Decision After considering all this information, I decided to add a new awning to my patio.  I decided to give Best Awning Company a call after one of my friends recently had a beautiful retractable awning installed by this company.  I was not disappointed.  My new awning was competitively priced, is made from quality materials, and was installed seamlessly.  I can’t wait to enjoy summertime under my new retractable awning!