The Best Ways to Update Your Fireplace

The Best Ways to Update Your Fireplace

Many homes are equipped with a fireplace.  These pieces can bring history, charm, and warmth to your home.  For homes sporting well-worn fireplaces, a redo or update may be sorely needed.  There are both small and large updates that can be utilized to give your fireplace a facelift.  Make this beautiful centerpiece work with your style and décor.

Update with A Mantle

For those of you on a budget, one of the quickest ways to dress up an older fireplace is to add a mantle or replace one.  A wooden mantle can be a great choice to dress up the fireplace, making it the focal point of the room.

Throw in a Screen

The simple addition of a fireplace screen can change the appearance of your fireplace, adding style and class.


Another budget friendly update is to paint the fireplace in contrasting shades of a color. Consider a neutral color such as gray.  Then simply paint the exterior brick a slightly darker shade than you paint the interior of the fireplace.  This provides a lovely contrast brining your attention to this focal point. 

Add Stonework

A modernized twist on a classic fireplace is the addition of stonework.  This surrounding work gives a modern, cozy feel to your space.

Ornate Wood

If you prefer a classic wooden mantle, but desire to dress up the room, consider adding an ornate wood mantle.  This provides class and style, while providing a classic favorite, the wooden mantle.

Surround with Tile

If you are looking for a modern and personalized look, consider choosing tile to surround your fireplace.  This look can easily be customized to fit any style and décor. 

Make Concrete Work for You

For those looking to modernize their fireplace, consider using a concrete backdrop.  This provides a clean, modern focal point to any contemporary space.

Consider Texture

For those who love texture, stacking tiles on their side can create sleek, texturized look for your fireplace.

Don’t Be Afraid of Tradition

For those of you looking for a rustic, traditional look, consider restoring the original redbrick fireplace.  This look affords timeless beauty.  Adding in an exposed ceiling beam can also add rustic charm to the space, pulling the entire room together.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Marble

For those looking for a regal, formal appearance, surrounding the fireplace with marble will make your fireplace a show stopper!

Bring Color to Your Outdoor Space For those wanting to dress up their outdoor fireplace, consider trying a hacienda style.  Simply add brightly colored tiles to instantly create a festive atmosphere for your guests.