The Best Ways to Maximize Space in Your Home

The Best Ways to Maximize Space in Your Home

Many of us find ourselves wishing for just a little more space in our home or apartment.  It is challenging to decorate and design in a way that maximizes space to its upmost potential.  Simple decorating mistakes can make a space feel small and cluttered.  Try some of these tips to make the most out of your space, no matter how small!

Take a Minimalistic Approach to Your Table

Many people make the mistake of thinking small, round tables are only for eat in kitchens.  Instead of crowding your dining room with a large, often unused table, consider a smaller, round piece.  It can transform your space allowing it to feel open, as well as leaving the remaining space available for better use.

Toss Your Media Stand

A large TV stand can take up more precious space than you realize.  Instead, consider tossing the stand and mounting the TV instead.  This will make your living room look and feel larger.

Toss the Desk Too

While you’re at it, toss the bulky desk and instead opt for a fold up wall desk.  This can save you an immense amount of space.  If you need extra storage, consider adding shelves mounted beside the wall desk. You will be amazed with how much roomier the space feels without a bulky, cluttered desk.

Minimize with a Day Bed

A day bed can double as both a bed and sofa, opening your bedroom while still providing functional comfort.  If you need somewhere for guests to sleep, but lack a guest room, consider utilizing a day bed in your living room.

Curtain Off Areas

If you are living in a small space or studio apartment, take time to define areas.  It is helpful to use room dividing curtains to add privacy, as well as the illusion of a larger space.

Add Multi-Functional Pieces

Add furniture pieces that can serve a dual purpose.  Consider adding cubes that can be used for extra chairs, as well as a coffee table.  Make the most of furniture that can be used for multiple things, preventing too many furniture pieces stuffed into one tiny space.

Throw in a Mirror

Due to a mirror’s reflective properties, they can be utilized to make a space feel lighter and larger.  Add in mirrors as part of your décor for a simple way to increase your space.

Minimize Clutter Clutter instantly makes a space feel smaller and more crowded.  Minimize what you have sitting out to make the space feel clean and open.