The Best Ways to Decorate Your Rental

It can be difficult to spend time and money customizing a space when you know you won’t be there forever.  Often people intend to only live somewhere a short while before moving again and never get around to unpacking their personal belongings.  Life has a way of never going as we planned, and our homes keep feeling cold and impersonal, always in limbo.  Instead of having the mindset that its not worth the time, instead make your space as cozy and personal as possible.  Your family can make memories anywhere, as long as you’re together!

Unpack Those Boxes in Storage

Depending upon the size of the space you may not need much, but take the time to unpack your pictures, artwork, and décor items.  Make the tiniest of apartments feel like home.

Visit Your local Thrift Store

If your decorating budget is limited visit your local thrift store.  You will be amazed how many decorative items and home furnishing you can pick up for a fraction of the cost of regular department stores.  A bonus is if you move frequently and must downsize items, you won’t feel guilty selling or donating items that you hardly paid anything for.

Hang Sentimental Objects

Take time to hang your family’s photos on the walls.  You can hang other meaningful items as well.  Hang up postcards or other significant mementos in frames to always remember your favorite places and people.  Hanging these items allows you to make the place your own, without taking up valuable space that is often limited in rental properties.

Be Careful You Don’t Go Overkill

While you may love that huge, plush sectional, consider if it going to fit well in your rental.  Also remember when you are renting, you most often make frequent moves.  If the piece of furniture is big and bulky, not only will it difficult to move, but also may not fit where you move next.  Instead invest in practical, small furniture items that are sure to fit in a variety of rental properties.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Art

When you go visit that thrift store or garage sale, be careful to keep your eyes upon for art pieces that you love.  Colorful wall hangings can bring style and sophistication to any room of your rental.

Repurpose with Paint

If you find an item of furniture that is in great shape, but doesn’t match your décor, consider if it is something that could be repainted.  For a few dollars at the thrift store and some spray paint you can repurpose old furniture to have a fresh new flare.