The Best Flooring Options for Life with Pets

The Best Flooring Options for Life with Pets

For many of us, a house is not a home without our furry friends.  While, we would not trade our pets for the world, they can often be responsible for creating quite a bit of dirt, hair, and stains.  We all desire our homes to be warm, inviting, and clean for our family, as well as our guests.  Certain flooring options can accentuate fur and take away from the beauty of the home.  Therefore, it is important to select flooring that is practical and flattering for a home with pets!

Ideally, any flooring you choose should be both durable and simple to clean and keep clean.  Thankfully, there are various types of flooring that can be extremely pet friendly!

Consider Hardwood

Hardwood flooring may not come to mind as a pet friendly material.  While some hardwood can scratch and dent, there are options on the market that provide resistant coatings, special manufacturing to protect against wear, and warranties to replace the product if it does not hold up well.

Try Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwoods are every bit as beautiful as solid hardwood but generally are sturdier.  While they can not be refinished as many times as solid hardwood, they hold up much better to moisture, making that pet mess and wet paws an inconvenience instead of a crisis.

Contemplate Laminate

While laminate may not be quite as beautiful as real wood, it boasts of both moisture resistance and great durability.  This often makes it a great choice for those with pets maintaining both style and functionality.

Think Outside the Box with Cork

One option you may not have thought of is cork.  This fashionable, innovative flooring offers antimicrobial properties and is scratch resistant, every pet lovers dream!  It even comes in patterns that look very similar to hardwood flooring.  Another great feature is its sound muffling nature, allowing your pet to walk across it without that annoying clicking noise from the pet’s nails.

Give Porcelain Tiles A Try

If your desire is for a tile look, consider porcelain tiles.  They are the best of both worlds as they are stain and scratch resistant.

Give Carpeting Another Try with A High-Performance Option

Carpet may not seem the wisest choice for pets, but for many there is nothing that rivals the coziness that a carpeted home provides.  A great compromise is a high-performance carpet, manufactured specifically to hold up to wear and tear by pets and small children.  These carpets often offer great warranties, in addition to being stain and spill resistant.

Carpet Tiles May Be the Answer Carpet tiles can be a great choice for those who have pets as one section of the carpet can easily be replaced in the event a pet damages an area of the room.  This is often a sturdy and cost-effective way to maintain a carpeted room, when you have furry friends!