The Best Easter Decorating Ideas

Spring is finally here!  The warmer days and pastel colors remind us that Easter is quickly approaching.  We all want our homes to look festive and inviting for family and friends visiting during this season.  Here are some tips to help your home have a new spring it its step!

Decorate with Spring Wreaths

Floral wreaths can create a festive, focal point on your front door.  Add in an extra flair with the addition of a pair of love birds attached to the front, center area of your wreath of choice.  Tulips and a faux birds’ nests are also adorable additions to your wreath.  Don’t be afraid to get creative when creating your perfect wreath!

Make Pastel Work for You

Don’t be afraid of pastel.  Utilize a variety of pastel, spring prints, and light fabrics to style your table and living room.  These colors will make your home inviting for all your Easter guests.  Don’t forget to add in some fresh spring flowers to add life and color to your space.

Use Your Antiques for Display

Many of us sport a fine collection of antiques hidden away in a china or curio cabinet.  Use these beautiful items, that you already own, to create splendid Easter themes.  Utilize milk glass vases, and white pitchers to display fresh cut spring flowers.

Refresh Your Bedroom

Throw the winter blues to the curb, literally, by removing any dark colored bedding or curtains and replace them with light, fresh spring colors.  Add in a white lamp to your end table, spring décor, and fresh cut flowers to transform your room into a lively spring haven.


Many of us have house plants that stay in the same area of the house year-round.  Freshen up their appearance by replanting your house plants in various pastel colored planters.

Create a Fun Centerpiece for Your Easter Table

Easter centerpieces can become quite pricey.  Save money while giving your dinner table festive Easter style with a simple DIY project.  Simply purchase wooden, cardboard, or glass eggs, and paint them in a pastel shade of your liking.  After the eggs have dried, finish up the project by adding glue in dots and other designs.  Complete with a liberal shake of glitter.  Once dry, you will have a glitter Easter egg master piece.  The eggs can then be displayed in a glass votive on a bed of moss, to create an easy, but exquisite center piece.

Bring New Life to Your Front Porch Decorating your front porch can be a snap while still looking beautiful.  Simply add different types of bright colored Spring flowers to various planters.  This easy solution brings the welcoming presence of Easter to the exterior of your home.