Scents of The Season

Is it really Christmas if it doesn’t smell like Christmas?!  Scents are the hidden guests that bring the feelings of holiday cheer to your friends and family alike.  Scent is far more powerful than we give it credit. Scents and memories are often linked together, conjuring up warm feelings from Christmases past.  Ensure your home is festive and welcoming by using the power of scent for your benefit!  

A Little Greenery Goes A Long Way

Fresh greenery not only brings a lovely fragrance to your home, but also is a beautiful decorating agent.  It can be used in multiple applications ranging from mantle garland, centerpieces, or even package decoration.  Get as creative as you like with this great smelling, festive addition!

Don’t Forget the Classics

It may seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to make your home feel cozy and smell great is with a Christmas scented candle.  This time of year, there are multiple winter and holiday options available. Use as many candles as you like to bring fragrance and flickering light to your home.

Go Natural

If you prefer a healthier, more natural scent option, consider essential oils.  There is a plethora of essential oils on the market. Chances are, there will be something that suits your fancy.  Some great winter options are wild orange, cypress, cinnamon bark, myrrh, juniper berry, etc. These can be used individually or mixed to create your own custom Christmas scent.  You can make your own natural room spray by adding essential oils to distilled water in a spray bottle. Essential oils can also be expelled using an essential oil diffuser to spread the smells of Christmas around your home.

Tis The Season for Fresh Baked Goods

Never underestimate the scent of some fresh baked cookies, pies, or other desserts.  Nothing infiltrates your home faster than the scent of yummy treats baking in the oven.  Odds are you will be expecting company during this festive season. Kill two birds with one stone.  Make guests feel at home with the lingering scent of home baked goods, while enjoying a yummy treat.

Homemade Scents

If you wish to customize your scent on the cheap, consider making a simmer pot.  It is as simple as filling a large pot full of water and adding your choice of spices and ingredients to infiltrate the air.  Some Christmas choices include vanilla extract, apple slices, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and any other ingredients that suit your fancy.  Simply allow your custom mixture to simmer all day over a low heat. If you notice the water levels getting low add some extra water to keep holiday scents flowing.