Pro Tips for Reducing Clutter

Over time, clutter seems to magically appear and pile up all over the house.  It has been proven that a freshly cleaned but cluttered house appears dirtier than a house without clutter, even if it has not been recently cleaned.  We all want out homes to be tidy and clean.  Here are some great tips to keep your home clutter free.

Minimize Children’s Clutter

Kids accumulate so many toys and clothes it can begin to overwhelm their room.  Every few months, go through their clothing and toys.  Donate anything that has become too small or is no longer played with/age appropriate. 

Designated Areas

Once you have reduced children’s clutter down to a manageable level, take time to find a special area for each type of items.  Use baskets, shelves, tubs, or bins as containers for organization.  Keep like items together.  It can be helpful to put these bins within reach of your children so they can learn to clean up after themselves.

Organize with Labels

In order to ensure that you hard work doesn’t go to waste, take time to label each tub or bin with what is to go inside.  If your children are especially small use pictures instead of words.  Either way, labels will make it easier for your kids to clean up properly and avoid undoing all your organization.

Set A Timer

It is so easy to simply determine that you are too tired to clean today.  Little disciplines are what make the difference between tidy homes and chaotic homes.  You don’t need to spend hours every day to maintain your home.  Simply set apart a minute or up to five minutes each day to remove as much clutter as possible.  Set a timer, for the duration of this set time, pick up and put away as many things as possible.  This simple discipline will ensure shoes, coats, back packs, and toys find their way to the proper place each day.  It is amazing how just a few minutes can transform your home.

Don’t Let Papers Pile Up

It can be easy to discard daily mail and your children’s school papers on the kitchen counter to deal with another day.  The problem is after a few weeks you have created a paper monster.  Instead make it a habit to sort the mail and your kid’s schoolwork each day.  Just a few minutes will save you a major headache later.

Utilize Under Bed Storage Keep your room clutter free by adding tubs designed to fit under the bed.  These can keep clutter organized and out of the way.  These work especially well for keeping children’s bedrooms clear from toys littered around the room.