Imaged Outdoor Tiles…Have Their Place in the Sun

Imaged Outdoor Tile Have Their Place in the Sun

Pools, spas, hot tubs and outdoor kitchens provide a sense of personal luxury and upgraded landscaping and gorgeous gardens are more popular than ever. With outdoor porcelain tiles, the perfect finishing touch is available to complement outdoor decor…”Any Image, Any Size”..

Imagine a dining room far from the kitchen heat, a reading nook with natural light, a place to restore positive energy, a room with bragging rights. All this could be as close as a backyard .What could be more enticing than a group of people gathered around a fabulous outdoor patio grill with a Tuscan Landscape tile mural as a backdrop or a porcelain tile rug for the patio floor between 2 outdoor couches that is patterned and fringed in an Oriental, Moroccan, or Southwestern theme.

Patios provide private sanctuaries for family and friends, and offer an interlude from frenetic activities of the main house. Patios are getting decked out in fun things which reflect the inside of the home that bring the inside outside. Tile murals can fit any style or theme and can coordinate with furniture, fabrics or wallpapers or beautiful scenery. A new and exciting way to showcase a collection of vintage labels

From an extensive collection of eye-catching and dramatic Tuscan landscapes to old world master paintings to vintage labels reminiscent of old world style, there is a vast array of beautiful and fabulous images or a client can submit their own image to be transferred. The possibilities are endless.

Because the tiles are kiln fired at 1800 degrees F. they are not affected by the damaging affects of UV and are able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Versatility is the keyword for imaged porcelain kiln fired tiles.. Ocean house, veranda, porch, pool, floor, wall, outdoor fireplace, patio..Also ideal for all exterior commercial applications, such as restaurants, hospitals, and public parks.

Kiln fired tiles for outdoor walls, pools, floors, outdoor fireplace are being proposed in every aspect of building and design imaginable! With the unveiling of this product the calls have been coming in for the most creative design applications of the century.

Upon seeing the installations on the customer testimonial page, clients are rushing to order a tile mural for their outdoor living environment.