How to Find the Perfect Window Treatment for Your Home

How to Find the Perfect Window Treatment for Your Home

If you are desiring a new updated look for any room in the house, consider updating or adding window treatments.  Nothing brings a room together like luxurious fabrics and natural light.  This is also a great idea for those looking to change the feel of a room without spending the money for an entire remodel.  Here are some tips on finding the perfect window treatments for your space!

Measure Accurately

An important first step to decorating with window treatments is to measure your windows at least twice.  This will ensure you purchase window treatments that fit the first time.  Be sure to consider what length and style will be most suitable for your space.  It will also be imperative that you add 8 or more inches to your window width measurement to ensure you have plenty of fabric to cover the window.  In the same vein, be sure to add 6 or more inches to the height of the window to allow for the material used to hang the curtain from the rod.

Consider Your Purpose

When you begin the process of selecting your window treatments, it is important to consider their purpose.  Do you desire lots of natural light to be let into the space, total privacy, or even blackout curtains so you can sleep during the day?  These are all important considerations.  Sheer drapes will be excellent choices for rooms that you want to feel light and bright and are heavily used by the family.  For bedrooms, be sure to utilize thicker fabrics to add both privacy and light blocking qualities.

Make Your Window Work for You

A window can be a huge asset to a room.  It can be dressed to impress with lavish fabrics such as silk or linen.  Patterned fabrics are also a great choice for dressing up a room.  Be creative and make the window become the focal point in the room.

Be Functional

Some rooms, within the home will need to serve a variety of purposes; thus, the window treatment choice must be very versatile.  Living rooms are often used for many different purposes, ranging from relaxing with the family to hosting a large gathering.  Great choices for such a room include roman shades with layered draperies.  This ensures you can reduce light or open the shades to let in more natural light when the occasion calls for it.

Consider Appropriate Fabrics for the Room Depending upon the room you are dressing, some fabrics will work better than others.  If the windows will be open often, consider avoiding heavy fabrics that do not hang nicely.  Save these options for rooms you will be keeping dark more often than not.  Consider the fabric color when choosing which room, it will be in.  Darker colors are quicker to fade.  If you have a room that will be getting a lot of sun, it is wise to stick with neutral colors that will be less noticeable as they fade.