Gardening Tips for Those on A Time Crunch


Do you wish you had the extra time to start gardening?  Many working people have given up on growing their own food due to lack of time.  What if I told you with a commitment of only 15 minutes per day, you could grow your dream garden, saving you money and feeding your family healthy, fresh food. 

Gardening is similar to most the necessary tasks you perform on a daily basis.  As with most things in life, it is important to utilize good organization and time management practices.  With a little practice you can incorporate just 15 minutes a day into your schedule, allowing you to grow a garden despite your busy schedule.

Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed

Many people hesitate to take on another task, let alone a garden.  The perceived enormity of the project can leave many of us feeling overwhelmed, thinking there is simply no way to accomplish all the tasks required to maintain a garden.  Breaking large tasks into small manageable pieces can make a huge difference in the viability of having a garden.  Take the time to make a list of each task you need to complete.  Set aside 15 minutes a day, stick to the allotted time, and don’t waste any time.  Accomplish as much as you possibility can in that 15 minutes, tackling a small part of your list each day.

Stay Organized

Don’t waste time trying to find necessary tools for the task, instead keep frequently used tools together in a caddy, with gardening gloves to prevent wasted time cleaning your hands.

Prepare Before You Plant

Do your research and be aware of the best growing conditions for the crop you are trying to plant.  This will promote a healthy garden and save you time later.

Don’t Ignore Weeds

Weeding the garden can be an overwhelming yet necessary task.  Be sure to spend your 15 minutes targeting one specific area of the garden each day.  Consistency with weed pulling will ensure you keep your entire garden weed free.


Take time to harvest ripe produce each day.

Plant as You Go

If you find yourself sort on time, consider planting as you go.  Simply plant what you have had time to purchase and continue to plant additional produce as time allows.

Visit Your Garden Daily

Don’t waste your precious 15 minutes trying to determine what to do next.  Instead take leisure time to walk through your garden whether it be an after dinner walk or an early morning stroll with your coffee.  This will help you to have a clear focus of the following day’s gardening activities.

Make Watering A Snap

Consider a drip system or soaker hoses to make watering your garden quick and efficient.  If you choose to water the old-fashioned way keep your hose nearby.

Utilize Mulch Mulching your garden can afford you many time saving benefits.  It allows your garden to retain moisture, cutting back on the time spent watering, in addition to preventing weeds.  Thus, saving you precious minutes pulling pesky weeds.