Frugal Home Decorating Tips

Frugal Home Decorating Tips

When it comes to creating a monthly budget, decorating can’t always be at the top of the list. Often it will be appropriately shuffled behind such basic needs as shelter, food, and warmth. However, just because you don’t have a lot of money to spend on decorating, doesn’t mean that you can’t create a home that looks beautiful and stylish. You just have to be savvy, and keep your eyes open for deals and finds that will allow you to create a beautiful environment for a minimal amount of cash.

The first thing you should consider are gently used items that you can purchase at yard sales or consignment stores. Decorative pieces are not handled as often as functional items, and so they tend to stand up well against the ravages of time. And since people like to cycle new looks into their homes on a regular basis, you can often find pieces which appear brand new, popping up at yard sales for only a fraction of the retail cost.

The secret to shopping at yard sales and consignment stores is to be picky. You don’t just want to buy a piece of garbage because it’s inexpensive. Instead take your time, browse through many different venues, and wait to fall in love. Eventually you will see something that you have to have, or will find a bargain that is so good, you can’t help but take it.

One tip for dealing with yard sales is to go early, late, or both. Since they usually happen on the weekend, if you wake up early Saturday morning and scour the neighborhood, any yard sales you find will be completely untouched, allowing you to pour over the entire contents of the sale before anyone else gets a chance to snatch up the really great items. On the other hand, if you go looking late in the day Sunday, you will usually be able to get better bargains, because people will be just trying to get rid of whatever is left. This is when you’ll have the greatest ability to negotiate a better price.

Another place to look for great deals is on the internet. On sites such as eBay, you can browse thousands of auctions, and place bids on items to try and get a deal on products. The problem with eBay is that it is very crowded, and you will often end up in a bidding war over items, which can severely drive up the price. Luckily if things get out of hand, you can always step back and let your opponent take the prize.

Another place to find great deals is Craig’s List. This collection of classified ads contains thousands of postings, with people offering both new and used items in a variety of categories. The great thing about Craig’s List is that people posting on there are generally offering their products at a very good price. There are even times when you can find things that are being given away for free, provided you come and haul them off yourself.

Even if you prefer to shop in brick and mortar retail stores, the internet can still be a money saving device. Just make sure that you write down the price of anything that you are going to buy, and then check online to see if it’s being offered by another vendor for less. Often stores will rotate the price on items in order to keep people interested and looking. The internet allows you to lay out all of those prices from all of those stores and choose the best one.

Creating stylish spaces doesn’t necessarily require a huge budget. Often you can find the same high end decorative products that are in the retail stores, being sold just a few months later at yard sales and consignment shops for pennies on the dollar. You just have to make certain to use a discerning eye, and understand the value of anything you purchase.PA), indicating it meets guidelines as an environmentally responsible and efficient product.