Choosing the Right Color for Your Bathroom

Color evokes emotions and creates the mood in a room.  One of the first choices you will make when remodeling your bathroom is what color scheme to go with.  You will first need to choose the wall color and then choose other décor and materials to accent and compliment your intended color scheme.  There are many choices that work well in bathrooms.  Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect color for your bathroom.


Blue is a popular choice for bathroom paint color.  This color is very versatile can be utilized in a variety of hues.  Depending upon the look and feelings you are trying to evoke, you may prefer one shade over another.  Typically, pastel hues are recognized for creating feeling of calmness and relaxation.  Dark blues are used to create a dramatic look.  Blue works so well in the bathroom because it dredges up connotations of weather which promotes feelings of soothing, relaxation.


Peach is another fantastic option for the bathroom.  Since this color brings out the best in our natural skin tones, it is a fan favorite.  With multiple mirrors often found in the bathroom and time spent gazing into them, it makes sense that peach with its flattering attributes would be highly sought after.  This color also evokes an inviting, cozy feel to the space.


If you are looking for an environment of tranquility, green may be the perfect color for your bathroom.  This color can promote peace, evoking feelings of calm relaxation.

Yellow and Brown

Yellow and brown are also attractive choices for the bathroom.  These Earthen tones promote feelings of getting in tune with nature, creating a peaceful vibe.  These colors can work well with many different décor options. 

Violet and Mauve

These colors are steadily gaining popularity once again.  They provide a dusty, understated look.  For those looking for less natural and more colorful, this may be the perfect option.

Which is Right for You?

Any of these choices can transform your bathroom into the perfect space for you.  If you are wondering how to make a color choice, consider your own desires.  Depending upon the size of the bathroom, you may want more or less color.  Additionally, space should be a factor in determining which color you choose.  If your space is particularly limited, darker colors can make your space seem even smaller and dingier, while lighter colors can make the space lighter and airier.  Also consider your own personal preferences.  Consider the décor you have or intend to use, as well as the overall feel and vibe you want for the space.