Choosing the Best Color for Your Front Door

Best Color for Front Door

An often-underestimated feature on your home is your front door.  Choosing the right color can set your home apart.  The psychology of color dictates that colors make you feel different things.  Depending upon the look and feel you want for your home, it will be important to choose a wise color for the focal point of your home, the front door.

Understanding How Color Works

Matching colors to work with your home’s exterior will require a good look at your old friend the color wheel.  Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you will want to search for different ways of using color.  You may desire to go with a monochromatic color that is merely a different shade from your siding, contrasting colors, or even complimentary colors.  Either way, a color wheel can be an essential tool in helping you decide on the perfect color for your home.

Consider the Style of Your Home

Depending upon the style of your home, you will be attempting to achieve a specific look.  Contingent upon the era of your home, certain colors may look out of place.  Be sure to match according to your surroundings including exterior, color, building material, and other outbuildings or landscaping.

Make Your Front Door Pop

The front door can be used to make a powerful statement.  For some it will become a landmark, letting friends and family alike know they have reached their destination.  It can also be used to highlight other elements of your home.  This pop of color can be used to brighten your exterior and create energy surrounding your home.  Depending upon the feeling you wish to create, different colors can be utilized to make a formal, playful, subtle, or impactful presence.  Correlating with the psychology of color, colors can evoke various emotions.  The emotions you wish to draw from your visitors and passerby’s will influence the color choices you make.  Dark colors can create serious feelings, while lighter colors can evoke feelings of fun.  Bright colors create feelings of excitement while dull colors provide an essence of the ordinary and familiar. When choosing the perfect color for your front door, always remember the front door is about the statement you want to make.  The little touches you add to your home make it unique and a beautiful reflection of your style and taste.  Don’t be afraid to try something new, something bold; you may surprise yourself!