Avoid Common Mistakes When Decorating Your Apartment

Decorating Your Apartment

Apartment living can be tricky.  Even though you are renting, you want the place to feel like home.  This can be a difficult task to accomplish within a small space.  Be sure to avoid common mistakes that keep your rental looking and feeling like a temporary space.

Don’t Pre-Buy

Moving into a new apartment can be exciting.  It is tempting to buy new furnishings before moving in.  Avoid rushing into furniture purchases before you have the chance to really look over the space and measure.  There is nothing worse than ordering a new sofa just to find out it doesn’t fit in your space.

Don’t Forget the Window Treatments

Window treatments can instantly add style and color to your space.  Picking rich fabrics, unique to your style and tastes can bring beauty to your rented space, making it your own.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking its only an apartment, as window treatments can truly transform your space!

Don’t Avoid Changing the Walls

Many landlords will not be okay with you painting, but some will.  Ask permission and you may be surprised what your landlord will approve.  If repainting is not an option, consider removeable wallpaper.  This allows you to bring a colorful, fun accent wall into your space that can easily be removed, without damage when you move out.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Space

No matter how much you want that super plush, oversized couch, consider if you really have the space to accommodate this addition.  Be sure to pick furniture pieces that fit well into your space and don’t make you feel overcrowded.

Don’t Forget the Recycling Bin

Be sure to have a designated enclosed bin for your recycling.  Nothing is more disgusting than seeing your recycling stacked up on the kitchen counter or in a topless container that exposes empty bottles and used plates.

Don’t Forget to Lighten Up Rooms

Apartment rooms can often feel small as they most often are small.  Dark flooring or carpet can increase the feeling of the walls closing in.  Add in some light-colored area rugs to make the space feel lighter and larger.

Avoid Cluttering Vanity Tops

Apartments are not typically known for their spacious bathrooms.  Be sure to store as many items off the bathroom sink as possible.  Utilize shelving over the toilet, add baskets, and use that under the counter space.

Don’t Forget the Front Door

Sometimes it’s the little things.  Make your front door feel welcoming and unique.  Be sure to add a door mat and wreath that fit your style.