Achieving Serenity With Bedroom Decorating

Achieving Serenity With Bedroom Decorating

The bedroom is a place where you want to feel secure, and relaxed. At the end of a long days struggle with the world, you want to be able to enter your bedroom, close your eyes, and let your worries slip quietly away.

That is why it is important to try and create a bedroom environment which is intrinsically soothing to your own emotional state. This involves using colors, textures, and images which make you feel calm and content.

Lighting is very important, as it sets the demeanor of a space. Doing something as simple as installing a dimmer switch can give you greater control over the environment, giving you the power to go from bright and cheerful, to soft and subdued with a flick of your wrist.

The more lighting fixtures you have, the more control you will have over the illumination of the space. Each lamp gives you another layer of light, which can be combined with the others, or omitted, based on what soothes and suits your fancy.

The colors found in an environment can affect you emotionally, and on a subconscious level. Every shade has its own symbolic meaning, calling to mind thoughts and feelings which will impact both your mood and your psyche.

In general, darker tones will be calming, while lighter tones will be more uplifting and exuberant. Red tones are particularly energetic, and can inspire thoughts of both passion, and anger. Black is gloomy, and is not recommended, but a nice off white can be simple and attractive. Blue and green tones are often considered the most serene, while earth colors are thought to be the coziest.

Another way to make the bedroom feel more relaxed and comfortable is to use texture. When you see something, such as a pillow, your mind accesses all of the information that you have on that object. In the case of a pillow, you think about things like soft, and squishy, and comfortable. Even though you aren’t experiencing that item in a physical way, your mind still cues thoughts about those physical sensations.

In this way, surrounding your bedroom with items that feel soft will make the space more comfortable, even if you aren’t actually touching those objects at the moment. You want to use warm, comforting textures in this space. The bedroom should be like a big blanket, wrapping itself around you and cradling you in warmth.

Aside from visual and textural cues, you also want to control the fragrance of this space. Scent is a very powerful sensation that is tied in heavily with memory. When you sleep, and dream, your mind accesses all sorts of random information. The wrong fragrance in this space can lead to your mind accessing negative memories, giving you bad dreams, which can then lead to emotional problems throughout the day.

You can use scented candles strewn at random about the bedroom to fill the air with fresh and soothing scents. Glade plug-ins and other electronic fragrance devices are also quite useful for this.

The bedroom is the place where you escape from the worries of the day. It is where you close your eyes, and allow yourself to be completely vulnerable for hours at a time. It is also where you dream. For all of these reasons you should strive to create a space which makes you feel calm, comfortable, and serene.