Achieve Bathroom Elegance Without Major Renovation

Achieve Bathroom Elegance Without Major Renovation

The New Year brings a new list of to-do projects, and at the top of your list is the desire to turn your bathroom into an elegant and luxurious space. But renovation projects take time, money and a lot of energy — and you’re short on all of them.

Instead of a major bathroom overhaul, try these tips for creating a luxurious impact with simple upgrades from Lynn Schrage of the Kohler Store.

* Add tile around the sink area.
Installing a mosaic on the wall behind the sink can give your bathroom fresh appeal in just a small area. Choose tile for pattern, texture, melange of color or even a vertical effect. Try picking a color which blends with the sink and wall color for a subtle elegance, or go in the opposite direction and use the tile colors to contrast for a striking look.

* Dress up your sink.
Give your sink a new look by replacing your old faucet with a more modern and eye-catching model, like the Margaux faucets from Kohler. Margaux faucets come in three distinctive handle styles: A sleek, clean lever handle with a subtle “X” motif; a distinctive cross handle and a new style that somewhat resembles a joystick. Each style’s straightforward forms are softened by fluid lines.

* Modernize your hardware.
Over the years hardware can begin to look dated, dull or even smudged with paint. Replacing your hardware, including towel bars, toilet paper holders and cabinet handles with a new style to complement the faucet and fixtures turn a bathroom into a luxurious setting.

* Change the reflection.
Bring a new look into the bathroom with a mirror that can easily work with the current decor and jazzes it up to an elegant layout. Try the Barbara Barry Tuxedo mirror from Kallista at Kohler Co. Available in a java finish on mahogany wood, this octagonal mirror provides a stunning visual presence. It works perfectly in a classic tile-and-marble bathroom, as well as the more modern, sleek bathroom setting.

* Highlight all your changes.
Replacing an old light fixture can make all the difference in the world. The trick is to determine how to provide good lighting which also is flattering to anyone styling their hair or applying makeup. You don’t want to overwhelm the sink area with bright lights, but neither do you want to create shadows. Because bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in the house, it is also a good idea to find a fixture that matches the style of your hardware and faucet. Consider a ceiling pendant that is almost flush to the ceiling for an elegant touch.