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How To Get a Total Kitchen Makeover For Less Than $500:  The kitchen has always been the heart of the home - a place where the family socializes and entertains friends. It's no wonder a kitchen remodel occupies first place on many homeowners' wish lists, especially at a time when families...  More >>   Bathroom Updates On a Budget:  Want to wake up your tired bathroom, but think the price tag might be out of your budget? Donít be so sure. Remodeling activity may be down, but itís not out, especially in the bathroom. In fact, the bathroom topped the list of rooms for renovations....  More >>  
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How To Warm Up Your Home With Natural Choices:  Interior design continues to evolve rapidly. But it's not just going in one direction - it's branching out in new ways and giving homeowners fodder for ideas about how they can turn their existing house into their dream home...  More >>   Kitchen Transition:  How To Make Your Open Floor Plan Look Great:  This kind of floor plan is not only family-friendly and perfect for entertaining, it will actually sell better if you ever decide to put your home on the market. An open floor plan makes your space seem bigger...  More >>  
A Perfectly Simple and Delicious Gourmet Meal For Entertaining:  Building a gourmet menu doesn't mean that you'll have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing before guests arrive. By keeping the menu simple and focused on the foods and flavors that are perfectly in season, you can...  More >>   Easy Ways To Crate Fun, Functional, Outdoor Landscapes:  Adding useful space, enjoyment, appeal and value to homes, outdoor living spaces continue to be a popular home improvement project. While the economy slowly recovers, many budget-conscious homeowners are looking...  More >>  
Four Easy DIY Cheats That Will Look Like You Spent a Bundle:  Did you ever watch a home improvement show team transform a drab room into something spectacular using a shoestring budget and less time than it takes you to clean out your closet? Ever wonder how they did it? Here's the secret...  More >>   Decorating For the Real World:  We are all guilty of it. We stare longingly at those perfect room layouts in magazines and wish that we could transport ourselves onto those pages and into the world. We try to duplicate those results in our own home and then berate ourselves when our efforts...  More >>